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S Y M P H O N I C    P A I N T I N G


Ingrid B. Hacker

The artist, Ingrid B. Hacker, is very pleased that she can now also offer her portrait painting as an art print.

In the picture gallery you can browse through an exclusive selection of subjects and paintings based on the original pictures by Ingrid B. Hacker. Once you have found your favorite picture, you can order it online or by phone, for example in a high-quality print in museum quality. Since there are various options for printing an art print on a wide variety of materials, please contact us directly at

1) Motif with name

2) the format you want

3) execution

We will reply within 24 hours

Execution options:

Fine art print

Photo - poster

Alu - print

Reproduction on acrylic glass

Photo printing on fores

(Rigid foam board)


Width x height: 50 x 70cm, 80 x 120cm and much more.

Send us your desired formats and we will have the technicians check the feasibility of these.

Reproduction details:

Price range


depends on the quality of the respective background and the format of your desired motif. It starts at € 120 (on acrylic glass), which is very popular with many customers and culminates in the museum quality of a picture executed through fine art prints in premium quality on a selection of high quality art papers. The printing is done with pigmented inks in fine resolution of 2,400 dpi with the widest possible color spectrum that can currently be produced in digital printing.

Picture Frame

If desired, the pictures can also be framed.

A canvas print or photo print of your selected soul face can be highlighted in a special way with a suitable frame! Frames increase the originality of a painting and underline the artistic statement, and they are also a suitable means of adapting a work to the respective furnishing style or personal taste. 

On request, the artist will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, have the desired frame made!

Production time & delivery :


Production and printing of your picture are only carried out on order and take a few days. Delivery takes place within 10-14 days. We will notify you when the shipment is dispatched.

the following information:

For example, do you like "Lady Iris"? She could be decorating your home soon!

"Lady Iris"

from the Soulfaces series

Symphonic painting at IBH

80 cm x 120 cm

Photo poster Satin150.-


Fine-Art Poster Classic 200.-

Sir Einstein Creativity is intelligence having fun_




Call without obligation:

Mon - Fri | 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

We'll be happy to call you back.

Or have we aroused your interest in an original (works marked separately) by Ingrid B. Hacker ? Write to us, we will make you a very personal offer.

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