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S Y M P H O N I C   P A I N T I N G


Ingrid B. Hacker

Ingrid B. Hacker is an Austrian artist, living in Germany since 1989. She studied classical guitar at the University of Art in Graz / Austria and deals intensively with philosophical topics.
She went through many formative phases of life and one insight crystallized:

There are no tangible and objective truths in the world. Human existence in its contradictions and half measures made her astonish and she turned to painting.

"For me, painting is a journey to the soul, to the sound of the symphony within. There, where fantasy and reality meet and gives expression to the very own poetry in the painterly process."

In the process of painting she finds the freedom to implement her knowledge about the human soul. The artistic reflection of her portraits is aimed at the mindfulness of a conscious person. A superordinate reality is brought closer to the viewer in a gentle, surrealistic way. Hidden metaphors, allegories, quotes and wisdom form the basis for their abstract figures / portraits and tell their stories like a pantomime. Each portrait contains parallel levels of meaning, a composition of the tangible and the intangible.

She calls her way of painting "SYMPHONIC PAINTING" , the way from peace "VIA PACE" and can be seen as a counter-movement to the increasing brutality of society. A peaceful and quiet confrontation with your "soul faces" should cause the viewer of your images to move beyond the usual levels of communication. Language is certainly the first means of conveying messages, but how often can one experience that there is a discrepancy , in the use of words that often mix literal sense and word meanings and so misunderstandings are inevitable. Turning away from the verbal language, turning to the "soul faces" and their messages, the viewer can start a dialogue with his soul. This uninfluenced critical discussion leads him into his very own soul life, which stimulates the imagination. Attention to a peaceful object is focused and the researching person can, through his newly discovered, imaginative interpretations, carry it out into the environment and perhaps also explore it more consciously and act and react accordingly.

Through the works of symphonic painting, the viewer is given a tool that he can use to consciously begin and explore the journey to his soul. You are anchor and  Reminder at the same time.


This approach for the viewer of the pictures should go beyond the usually usual connection between the feelings of the artist and the emotions that it evokes in the observer ...

For IBH painting or art in general is like a microscope which the artist adjusts to the secrets of his soul in order to show these secrets common to all people, to use the words of Tolstoy.

Nature also has a very special status for the artist IBH. She is an everlasting source of inspiration that never runs dry. This provides her with the fuel for the engine of her pictures, which is made to run by her imagination. She unites these two factors and projects them onto her screen, a path from peace = "VIA PACE"

She mainly works with oil and acrylic paints in a wide variety of techniques on canvas.

Die Geburt (LifeSideGallery in Neumarkt)  von Ingrid Hacker
Die Geburt (LifeSideGallery in Neumarkt)  von Ingrid Hacker

Meine "Lady Grazia" erhielt eine besondere Auszeichnung! Sie wurde von den Kuratoren von KUNST-ONLINE ausgewählt! Diese besondere Auszeichnung platziert mein Werk in der exklusiven Rubrik "BESTE NEUE KUNSTWERKE". Ihr könnt es ab sofort auf der Startseite von KUNST-ONLINE bewundern. Sie wird dort in den nächsten Wochen prominent präsentiert.


Ingrid B. Hacker

If you have any questions, you can contact the artist IBH. She is happy to answer your questions.

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